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Be Yourself.
Find Your Space.

SPACES is a group chat platform for building queer communities, and the first app to serve the entirety of the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

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Featured Spaces

Queer Art

Art & Illustration

A gathering place for LGBTQ+ artists to share and discuss their own art, whatever the medium, and spark inspiration

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Plant & Gardening Peeps

Gardening Support & Tips

Share pics of your plant babies or ask for advice in this Space, built for beginners and the green-thumbed alike.

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Listeners of the award-wining pod discuss gay stereotypes, with a new episode every week!

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For New Yorkers

Share photos and stories about NYC, and highlight favorite local spots with other queer people.

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Queer Meme Vault

Funny Web Content

LOL at smart, silly and goofy memes … and share some that you’ve found with the group.

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Gayest Episode Ever


It’s the beloved podcast where we talk TV, including the LGBTQ representation that meant something to you.

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What is SPACES?

SPACES is a place for all queer people to connect over their favorite topics and interests, plan meetups and hang out.

It’s where we can easily discover and join the specific communities — worldwide fandoms, local teams and organizations, close friends — that matter to us most, some public and others invite-only, all on a platform where we can safely be our true, authentic selves.

  • Discoverability

    Connect with other LGBTQ+ users, easily invite your friends, meet interesting people and discover new communities, locally and globally.


    Hosts have the power to moderate their own Spaces, and our guidelines ensure the safest, least toxic platform for queer people.

  • Easy to Use

    Enjoy our clean and simple app design. Get started in just a few taps, and make use of our 24/7 user support when you have questions.


I’ve really enjoyed using SPACES. It really feels like a safe space for the queer community to connect. I think since SPACES is a queer app by queer people, it allows for better moderation compared to other social media platforms.


Host of LGBTQIA+ DC Fans

It’s very hard to find a social media platform in which you feel respected and safe. And since I first joined SPACES and created the Queer London Network, I’ve realized how important it is for queer people to have a space in which they can connect, feel represented and, most importantly, be themselves.


Host of Queer London Network

Having a safe social media platform for queer people is necessary and much-needed. We deserve to have a platform where we can go and feel comfortable being our true, authentic selves without ridicule, bullying or judgment. And it gives us the opportunity to connect with others who understand our struggles and identify with who we are.


Host of Everything X-Men!

Be Yourself.
Find Your Space.

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