We have made some critical decisions that we would like to share with you today.

While we have seen a clear need for online safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people and have received so much positive feedback, we have struggled to get to the next round of financing, which has been exceedingly difficult, particularly in this current funding environment. This underfunding was already hurting the app experience, as we were unable to finance a full-fledged version of Spaces on Android, which stifled the required growth to get the app to the next level.

We continued to seek funding for Queer Spaces but as of yesterday, we have received only passes for all outstanding funding requests. As a result, the Queer Spaces board has decided to shut down the app at the end of this month and initiate the dissolution of the company.

The app will continue to be available for the next 16 days, until August 20th, when it will be removed from the app store. We hope that the connections made on this app by all members of the LGBTQ+ community over the past year will persevere, as the bonds we share as queer people are unmatched.

We encourage all users to exchange contact information with friends they have made on Queer Spaces. Users (over the age of 17) can also use Hornet to continue directly chatting with one another, as your Spaces login can also be used on the app.

In the current political climate, providing queer people with safe spaces is essential. This has been our goal from day one. Unfortunately, this journey ends here and we thank you for your trust and support, especially our hosts who truly made this app what it is today. If there’s one thing all queer people share, it’s our resiliency, and we urge all of you to continue carving out a space for all queer people by being your authentic self.

Christof Wittig
Founder and CEO
Queer Spaces