West Hollywood, Calif. – Apr. 13, 2023 – Queer Spaces today announced the release of Spaces Version 2.5, which grants teens access to the LGBTQ+ community anytime, anywhere. Users between the ages of 13 to 17 are now able to create, host, and join 1,000s of popular queer chat spaces, specifically, those geared toward or exclusive to queer teenagers. As for all users, Queer Spaces offers a supportive and diverse environment to teens, free of the toxicity of mainstream social media.

With the rise of anti-trans and homophobic legislation that often specifically targets queer youth, it is more important than ever for these communities to have a safe space to both unwind and connect with other like-minded individuals. As Spaces prides itself on offering a safe online platform for all segments of the LGBTQ+ community, making sure queer youth have access to a safe space to engage with their community was a high priority.

Users now have the ability to target spaces by age, as well as geo-location, and communities, to help make the user experience more tailored to each individual. With the release of Version 2.5, spaces can also be completely fenced off, so that age cohorts – teens or adults – can create groups just for their peers.

“We are proud to be even more true to our mission today,” says Delfina Young, head of product at Queer Spaces. “We now also offer LGBTQ teens an app to connect to their community, anytime and anywhere. Teens are particularly in need of a supportive environment, especially if their families, friends, schools, or churches are not. Teens are also among the most vulnerable groups, requiring additional safety and support protocols, which we have implemented and will continuously enhance as needed.”

Providing LGBTQ+ teens with a safe space came with a long list of requirements in order to ensure a welcoming environment. The onboarding process for LGBTQ teens includes special assistance from our attentive support team. Teen users are additionally shielded from sensitive content. They are unable to exchange direct messages with adults or in private spaces, moderated through staff, peer, and machine-assisted monitoring.

To find out more about Spaces for use by teens, please visit our Spaces FAQs section.