Queer Spaces today announced the release of Spaces Version 2.0 to help facilitate the fast-growing numbers of spaces and users on the first queer app to span the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum. Spaces has successfully established itself as a safe online platform for all segments of the LGBTQ+ community by organizing micro-communities into group chat-based spaces. In less than a year since its launch, thousands of spaces and tens of thousands of users have created a wide range of interest-based online places to connect and communicate, avoiding the toxicity of heteronormative social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Spaces V2.0 Queer

With the heavy growth came the difficulty for users to find previous conversations they participated in, or to keep in touch with what is happening within the universe of relevant spaces, as the number of messages sent had grown exponentially. 

Introducing Chats with V2.0, every member of a space can now create a breakout conversation around a topic, an event, or a poll with whatever specific subject they want to discuss. Chats allow users to more easily navigate the many conversations within popular spaces. Using responsibly crafted algorithms and machine learning, the app’s home screen has been redesigned to surface relevant Chats both from spaces a user is currently a member of, and from suggested spaces based on a user’s interests.

“I can hardly believe that our Trans Space has grown to 1,000 members in just about 20 weeks,” said Jaefox, a non-binary demisexual member of Spaces based in Toronto. “I love that so many people have come here to chat with & make trans friends! I’m really grateful that some of the earliest members are still chatting with us and the updates are bringing new people in all the time.”

“We’re floored by the number and range of chat conversations Spaces users have created since we first launched Spaces,” said Christof Wittig, founder and CEO at Queer Spaces. “With user numbers again doubled in Q4, with hundreds of new spaces created every week, and with messages being sent growing even faster than the user numbers, Spaces was starting to become a victim of its own success: important chat messages became drowned out and invisible to relevant audiences. Version 2.0 is taking this problem heads on and will position the platform for its next growth sprint.”

Spaces V2.0 is available in the App Store today. An updated Android Version, which first shipped last December in a minimal pre-launch release, also launched today in the Play Store, enabling the introduction of the V2.0 new chat features, and catching up on some of the most requested missing features compared to the iOS version.

Spaces V2.0 Queer Spaces

Check out all the exciting updates in Spaces V2.0 including the new chat functionalities in the app today!