SPACES, the first app to truly serve the entire spectrum of more than 400 million LGBTQ+ people, is dedicated to building a safe digital space for a community that needs one now more than ever. But you don’t have to take our word for it; instead you can watch what a diverse cross-section of SPACES users have to say about the current state of social media, the struggles of queer visibility online, and the safety that SPACES has provided them.

These user testimonials are part of a new reel highlighting the necessary work being done by the SPACES team and the investment opportunities of its current Wefunder campaign. Following the app’s successful March 1 launch and explosive growth since, the same team behind queer social network Hornet (35 million users worldwide) is offering investment opportunities to the same community it serves. To date, SPACES has raised more than $800,000, including from several well-known tech industry names.

Watch the new SPACES reel, which excerpts user-submitted testimonials, here:

Here’s what 7 current SPACES users have to say about the need for safe social platforms and why our app is needed now more than ever:


Member of Queer Artist Collective, Outfit of the Day, Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! and more

“Safe social platforms like SPACES are important because everyone needs to have a community that wants what’s best for you, no matter what that is.”


Host of Queer Star Wars: Hosted by Pink Milk

“I’m really big in fandom spaces, like Star Wars and the MCU, and to be openly queer in those spaces is not always easy. Those franchises haven’t given us the most representation, so we’re forced a lot of times to read ourselves in those stories. And trying to celebrate that online is a hard thing to do, because It doesn’t take more than two tweets for homophobic slurs to be thrown your way. And so places like SPACES give us a really wonderful opportunity to be very gay and celebrate ourselves in stories even if we’re not always there. So, thank you, SPACES.”


Host of Retro Cafe and Gay Thrifters, Co-Host of Tabletop Gaymers

“Being gay on the internet and on social media is not always the safest thing in the world. But there’s a place where all of us can come together, and that is SPACES, a place for queer communities to exist. I get to talk about retro video games and board games and other things that I like, and it’s all queer people! It’s all people who understand who I am. I love it!”


Host of Everything X-Men!, Co-Host of Avengers Assemble!

“Having a safe social media platform for queer people is necessary and much-needed. We deserve to have a platform where we can go and feel comfortable being our true, authentic selves without ridicule, bullying or judgment. And it gives us the opportunity to connect with others who understand our struggles and identify with who we are.”


Host of Queer London Network

“It’s very hard to find a social media platform in which you feel respected and safe. And since I first joined SPACES and created the Queer London Network, I’ve realized how important it is for queer people to have a space in which they can connect, feel represented and, most importantly, be themselves.”


Host of LGBT(V), Bear With Me, The Radical Left, Bey Hive: Renaissance Fair and more

“Over the last few years, all of the big social media platforms have become toxic pits of hate. The landscape has become, quite frankly, hellish. It’s nice to see a new platform so far removed from all the doomscrolling and negativity. And I’ve had nothing but positive interactions and engagement from other queer folks that I’ve met on the platform.


Host of The MCU Queer Multiverse, Queer Thread Art, Hookup Horror Stories and more

“What’s most amazing to me is seeing the sheer diversity of SPACES users, not just in how they personally identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, but also the crazy range of interests represented in the app!”